Looking to Prosper?

Looking to Prosper...

The first 3 months of the year absolutely FLEW by…I mean honestly, where did the time go!? With this realization of time passing all too quickly I’ve found myself determined to make the most of the remainder of 2019 and that means touching back in on my word of the year. 

For 2019 I set my word of the year as: PROSPER

I set this word with fierce intention because I am ready for it and I'm not messing around any longer. In 2018 I wrapped up my graduate program and all of a sudden, I wasn’t a student anymore. I wasn’t constantly spending endlesshours on work for classes and internship. Suddenly, I could be compensated for my time. And that’s when it clicked…this year I am going to prosper in life. I am going to prosper in my health, in my relationships, and more specifically in my financial wellness.

That’s when I got to work and started taking actually steps towards prospering, because a goal without action is only a dream. I know I am going to crush this goal, I am going to prosper.

With those actions I had to do some scary stuff. The scariest thing? I went all in with Beautycounter. Yup, I became a consultant, facing the direct sales stigma and all! I made clean beauty my business

I quickly dove into the business, hit the ground running and have been loving it ever since. I resonate SO much with the mission of #BetterBeauty and knew that this company was the perfect addition to my Nutrition Coaching business. However, I have NO idea what I was getting myself into…in the best ways possible.

I am now surrounded by amazing women on my Beautycounter team, some who are even working towards 6-figure years. And what’s even better is that we all start from the SAME place. We start from square 1 as a consultant equipped with all the resources, tools, and support you could ever ask for. Our Beautycounter team sets you up for success! It all depends on how YOU want to run your business.

And as we enter into Quarter 2 of 2019 our team is going through a goal setting activity for Quarter 2 and I felt compelled to share my goals with you all! 

By the end of Quarter 2 I will have the title of Senior Manager with a constant income of $1000 per month from Beautycounter. 

This is a SCARY thing for me to put out into the world outside my Beautycounter team. BUT I know that we are friends and I can trust you to have faith in me and my audacious goals. Let me tell you something else, this is not the end goal. Not even fucking close. I have never felt so clear on what I want or more excited to get after it! It’s all possible and it’s all within reach. 

The "why" is integral to success with Beautycounter and something we focus heavily on. My "WHY'S" are big and bold with this business, and I know that they are with you too

WHY do I want to have this title? Why do I want to make this money?

  • I am going to pay my student loans without concern. 

  • I want to take time off from my day job without the financial stress.

  • I want to stay true to my word of 2019. 

If this sparks interest, curiosity or just a straight up FIRE in you to get started, let's talk. I know this is an amazing opportunity for everyone and you do not need to be in the health + wellness industry to represent Beautycounter. All you need is passionexcitement and a little tenacityDoes that sound like you?Let's get a conversation started to discuss what Beautycounter can look like for you my friends, because we all deserve the best out of life. What could an extra $200, $300, $1000+ do for you in your life? Schedule a call with me HERE to chat about what Beautycounter could look like in your life. I am SO excited for you to get started and prosper along with me!